Joshua's Docs - Quick Initializing and Scaffolding Cheatsheet

Although I have many cheatsheets covering specifics of some of the below stacks (E.g. TypeScript), I wanted a single cheatsheet that covers quick init methods that you might need when setting up a project. This is that cheatsheet.

Scaffolding in General

Web Stack

  • package.json / dependencies
    • to create package.json (use -y for no questions)
      • Yarn: yarn init -y
      • NPM: npm init -y
  • TypeScript
    • To create config and init: npx tsc --init
    • Also see tsconfig/bases for common starter configs
  • Prettiers / formatters
    • TSLint: tslint --init
      • (remember, eslint is now recommended over tslint)
    • ESLint: npx eslint --init
    • Prettier
      • There is no built-in tool - see config file docs
      • You can use prettier-init module: npx prettier-init
    • XO
      • npm init xo

Version Control - Git

  • Initialize a new local repo: git init
  • Scaffold a gitignore file from a template


  • VSCode
    • mkdir .vscode
    • Local settings
      • touch .vscode/settings.json
    • Debug / commands / etc
      • touch .vscode/launch.json
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