Joshua's Docs - Notes on Arduino and Other Microcontroller Platforms

Support for Other Languages and Platforms

Aside from using Arduino / C++ code, you can also get other platforms to run on many different MCUs. For example:

  • Espruino - JavaScript interpreter on microcontrollers
  • MicroPython - Python
  • NodeMCU - Lua (Specifically for ESP boards, e.g. ESP32)
  • ... and more.


Arduino Reminders and "Gotchas"

  • No "Standard Library" (e.g. std::.*)!!!
  • String concatenation
    • Using Arduino's String, you can concatenate using +, but the different units have to also be strings.
    • This means that this will work as shorthand (casting): String concatenated = (String)"Hello" + spaceVar + "World";
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