Joshua's Docs - Cutting Your Own Hair (Men's Standard Cut) - Notes

Steps Based on Alpha M Video

Not a fan of this guy in particular, but video came up in search results and was good to base some notes on.


  1. Get hair wet
  2. Get hair up, and away from face
  3. Do the sides and back first
    • Sides first, then back
    • Using electric clippers, start with largest size (e.g. #4) and go smaller as you repeat
    • Try to go for a "fade" between sides / back and top of head
      • While moving clippers upwards, starting near chin, roll clippers away from skin and pull away from face before reaching top of head - pull away early (based on video, at about eyebrow / forehead level)
      • For a close fade, when you get to the lowest (#1), pull the blade back so you can angle for the final level of the fade
  4. Clean up around ears and neck
    • Go slow, use mirrors
  5. Start on the top of head
    • Work in "sections", working side to side, and front-to-back
    • Grab each section with two fingers (index and middle), and cut with scissors right above fingers
    • Try to angle cuts for feathering, to avoid "bowl cut" type cuts
  6. "Style" hair, as you normally would in the morning, to see what adjustments need to be made

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