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Media sizes

Standard in-feed is 1038x588 (approx 1.77:1 ratio, aka 16:9).

  • I've seen other sizes, but it always seems to work out to about the same ratio.

    • Close pixel ratios:

      • 1920x1080
      • 1600x900
      • 1400x788
      • 1280x720
      • 1024x576
      • 640x360

According to this tweet, the other ratios are:

  • Two images: 7:8
  • Three images: 7:8 first image, 7:4 for 2nd and 3rd
  • Four images: 7:4, for all four images

This is another good Twitter thread on the topic. Based on this thread:

  • If avoiding compression:

    • Use JPG instead of PNG, since Twitter will then likely avoid recompressing further
    • Limit file to 5 MB max, and 4096px (either width or height)

Meta Info for Previews

Media sizes

They have started applying smart-cropping (looks like through Cloudinary), which tries to fit in box of 1000 x 420


Meta Info

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