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Get file contents of a zip folder

If you have git-bash installed, you can just use zipinfo:

zipinfo -1

Else, if you 7z installed (or Peazip, which comes bundled with it) you can use it from the CLI with something like (in same folder as zip):

"C:\Program Files\PeaZip\res\7z\7z.exe" l %cd%/

Kill processes by port

First, here is my complicated solution:

netstat -nao | grep ":PUT_PORT_HERE" | sed -E -n "s/^([\s\w]|.)*\s([0-9]{2,}+)($|[\r\n]).*/\2/p" | xargs -n 1 taskkill //F //PID

Warning: Requires git-bash, or something that provides sed, grep, and xargs.

And now, here is a StackOverflow question that provides some... more simple... responses.

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