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Welcome to my (Joshua Tzucker's) collection of personal cheat sheets, technical documentation, and miscellaneous code snippets. Unless indicated otherwise, all content is written and collated by myself.

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What Makes Up This Site?

Although I call most of these pages "cheatsheets", they actually come in a wide variety of "flavors". The vast majority of them are indeed cheat sheets / quick reference pages / technical docs, but the full list includes:

There are so many new things in tech (especially in web dev) to keep track of and learn. I've started a sheet of "elevator pitches" so you don't have to read through 10 paragraphs of marketing fluff just to learn what a new framework does.

These are some of my favorite places to learn new things, find other cheatsheets, or read about code in general.



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I find that writing out a process or tip helps me remember it and cement the details of it in my mind. In addition, if I ever refer back to my notes, it is easier for me to parse my own style of note taking than others'. As such, everything in this repo was written with basically only myself in mind as the expected reader, so take it with a grain of salt.

I also tend to view swapping out more precise and accurate terminology with general descriptors, and even colloquial language or analogies, an acceptable trade-off for increased readability. I think in general, programmers get way too into terminology and end up alienating new coders by using unnecessary extra-precise terms for things that don't actually need them.

TL;DR - I tend to write in a simplified style for myself to read later, that might not always use the right terminology, but tends to get the basic point across.

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